Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tomatoes Enzyme

My tomato enzymes


•400g tomato or cherry tomato
•90g brown sugar
•250g lime flower honey or pure honey

1.Wash, rinse, dry and lastly slice the tomato
2.Divide the ingredients into 3 portions. Then, stack the ingredients according to its sequence: tomato, brown sugar and lime flower honey into the glass jar. Repeat the same sequence for the remaining 2 portions.
3.After completing stack-in in the 3 portions of the ingredients, seal the glass jar tightly with the food wrapper. Next, cover the glass jar’s lid and make sure that it is airtight. Keep it in a dry cool place for about 1 week before serving.
4.Before serving this enzyme, make sure that you mix 30ml of the enzyme with 10 times of water. You may also add in some enzymes residues to obtain its nutritional value.

My tomatoes enzyme after filtered and Ready for consumed

Health benefits:

The lycopene found in tomatoes are carotenoid that can protect our body from the harmful chemical substances emitting from the car’s exhaust, smoke, haze, and other types of air pollution. Tomatoes are not only protected cells from substances that cause cancer, but also can prevent colorectal, prostate, lung, endometrial and pancreatic cancers. Not just the Lycopene has shown these health benefits, it is clinically proven to enhance the immune system and at the same time delaying the aging process from developing in most parts of our body. Lycopene has been shown to regulate blood sugar, maintain the cardiovascular health and maintain the bone health.

This enzyme is suitable for everyone. It is also a healthy and refreshing drink for a heavy alcohol drinkers and smokers.

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