Monday, February 21, 2011


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4 eggs
330 g castor sugar (if you want sweeter kaya, pls increase the sugar to 340/350 g)
400 ml coconut milk
8-10 piece pandan (screwpine leave)

Blend pandan (screwpine) leaves with 100ml of the coconut milk in a blender. Strain to discard pulp.In a mixing bowl, lightly beat all the eggs.
Add sugar into beaten eggs. Use a hand whisk to stir mixture until all sugar dissolves (Note 1).
Add coconut milk and pandan juice in (1) into egg mixture. Stir well.
Pour kaya mixture through a sieve (Note 2) into another mixing bowl (stainless steel preferred).

Bring a pot of water to boil. Reduce fire and place mixing bowl over pot of barely simmering water(Note 3). The fire should be really slow (Note 4). Stir kaya occasionally for the first 25 minutes. When kaya starts to thicken, stir it continuously.

When kaya reaches the desired thickness, takes at least another 1 hour, remove it from heat. Cool completely (Note 5) before storing it in a clean jar. Keep refrigerated.Spread over bread, plain crackers, serimuka etc.

1. It takes longer to dissolve granulated sugar than castor sugar. Make sure all the sugar dissolves before adding coconut milk.
2. The purpose of pouring kaya mixture through a sieve is to eliminate big air bubbles, formed during the whisking process. Existence of air bubbles will result in non-consistent or lumpy kaya.
3. I suggested double boiler heating method as this method would give a considerably slow heating effect to the kaya mixture. However, if your stove does come with a slow fire function, use direct method. The whole cooking time will be reduced.
4. With the real slow fire I was using, it took about 25 minutes before kaya mixture started to thicken. After this stage, stir mixture continuously as it gets thicken faster.
5. Kaya will turn thicker when it is cool.

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