Sunday, October 16, 2011

And that how it ended!

Its my failure!!. Unappreciated is something I struggled with for many  years....long time eventhough i try to ignored the surrounding. I finally got the answer to this. Yes,  It took me a while to understand the situation though all the ignorance and what so called .."ada aku kesah"...but the isu is about how i felt... being unwanted by the people i loved and cared is the most terrible feeling.
Sadly the hardest part of it is having to wake up realizing  this relationship is like a broken mirror.
 it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt myself putting it back together.

Dear ALLAH, tabah kan hati hati yang lara dan terluka. Kuat kan Iman kami. AMIN


Nor Desa said...

Be strong twin
I'll always support U

Anonymous said...

Sometimes things are better left unsaid.. let the times heal.. wish you a happy life...

Jane Doe


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