Wednesday, January 25, 2012


There were good days and bad days. Ups and downs. But, realistically, that’s true for everyone as a human. I been surrounded with great people and great friend, not many but I value and cherish every moment of it . I do hope its come with blessing and sincerity n honesty. It’s definitely been memorable to spend time share the laughter and joy on the table with lots of foodies. All the same!
 photo 423ea016_zps8f056a89.jpg

The hours ticked by, as they do. My time here is almost done. And I can’t wait to get back to home where my sons are waiting for me..tick tok..and I'll be in my own bed. I leave u with the touches of my puteri lilin..the simple lasagna ~ minced chicken meat and tomato puree  for the dinner last night.

 photo ab0a983b_zpsb80a4c6b.jpg

CALLING 911 for her to sharpen her skills in the kitchen. THE KEY WORDS to Sharpen Your  Skills is: PASSION, MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, CHALLENGES, LOVES ~ think about it.

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